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Mon Oct 24 04:38:57 EST 1994

I' m searching for groups or mailing lists regarding to discussions
>>about biotechnology and genetic engineering.
>>I'm less interested in professional discussions among scientists,
>>but more about the impacts of this technologies in the society,
>>economy and policies.
>>I would also appreciate to get addresses from organisations and
>>Individuals who have a critical attitude towards biotechnologies.
>>Please post in this group or e-mail me.
>>Thanks in advance
>>  Werner

In answer to this mail, please note the following :

A few words about my current field of research.
ESST (European interuniversity Association on Society, Science and
Technology), which gathers 15 european universities, organizes a european
master course in society, science and technology. It is funded by the
European Commission (DG XII). The course aims to develop informational
resources, analytical skills and conceptual frameworks for researchers and
students in technological change and innovation. It is designed to provide
post-graduate training for graduate students of all backgrounds : social
scientists, natural scientists and engineers. Through an interdisciplinary
approach, the course aims to apply research to the social and economic
analysis of innovation, to strategic decision-making and management of
science and (new) technologies, to ethical issues in sciences and
technology and to political and cultural analyses of modern science- and
technology- based societies.
The Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve offers among others a
specialization entitled "Biotechnologies and society", for which I am in
charge. My current project focuses on identifying and assessing the
potential risks of the agronomical and veterinary use of transgenic species
(mainly plants and animals at present).

I hope this will help you in your research for groups involved in
biotechnologies and society. If you want more detailed information about
the specialization (courses, research, seminars), please do not hesitate to
tell me, I will be pleased to give it to you.

Dr Karine CREPIN

Dr Karine M. CREPIN
Université catholique de Louvain
ESST (European association on Society, Science & Technology)
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