Standard for Digitized Electron Micrographs

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Mon Oct 24 06:40:25 EST 1994

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> I am interested in finding out if there is a standard/preferred format
> (ie .GIF, .TIFF) for the electronic storage/transfer of digitized
> electron micrographs.  Is there a standard dpi for scans?
> I am looking for a good way to capture and display continuous tone
> images on screen.

   A GIF or JPEG is generally preferred for transfer via email (as
uuencoded text files) on the net. A TIFF file is good for local storage,
more memory-efficient, and recognized by virtually all image-processing and
analysis software.
   Do you want to scan your photographs or acquire them directly via
a CCD? If the latter, then use the maximal resolution your CCD lets
you to. If the former, then 300 to 600 dpi is recommended. If you
can afford to run into 2-4 MB of memory that a high dpi will get you
into, then that's OK. I don't know of a standard in that respect.

                                     Iddo Friedberg
                                     Dept. of Biochemistry
                                     Hebrew U. Jerusalem, Israel

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