21 Units of Alcohol

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In article <Cy11KI.28 at festival.ed.ac.uk>, proberts at castle.ed.ac.uk (P Roberts) writes:
>  In the UK a unit of alcohol is the amount contained in 1 measure of
>spirits, 1 glass of wine or half a pint of (normal strength) beer.  As
>you can see it's not a particularly precise unit.
>  A measure of spirits is 1/6 gill (unless you're in Scotland) and a
>gill is 1/4 of a pint.  Therefore a measure of spirits is 5/6 fl.oz. 
>The standard strength of spirits is 40% alcohol by volume, giving a unit
>of alcohol as 2/5 fl. oz. of alcohol.

One fluid ounce of 40% spirit contains 2/5 fl. oz. of alcohol.  One 

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