Disease associate with the Y-Chromosome?

Mark J. Hovenden mark_jh at plant.utas.edu.au
Mon Oct 24 22:34:38 EST 1994

In article <386443$t7t at btree.brooktree.com>, avila at btree.brooktree.com
(Jose Avila) wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> 	In my biology class, we are learning about chromosomes and
> genes.  Our teacher was explaining that all but one disease released
> from chromosome mutation comes from the X Chromosome of the mother.  He
> said that there is one disease which can be associated with the Y
> Chromosome from the father.  He didn't know the name though.  Is anyone
> familiar with this subject.  If so, what is the name of that disease?
The disease associated with the Y-chromosome is called....

The symptoms are many and various but mostly involve a penchant for playing
with  toys of various types, most commonly large, loud motor vehicles and
projectile weapons, a yearning for power and the pursuit of those without
the disease (ie. those posessing two X-chromosomes).


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