proposal for new bionet group for microsatellites

Tue Oct 25 09:51:20 EST 1994

I would like to start the discussion process for creating a new bionet
group for discussions related to microsatellite sequences.  Currently
discussions about microsatellites take place in a number of different
bionet groups including Methods and Reagents, Genome Project,
genome.arabidopsis, Chromomosome, and probably some others that I don't
regularly follow.
Discussions could include the use of microsatellite loci as STS markers
for chromosome walking and physical map assembly, genetic markers for
locating genes in populations, and easy to use markers for generating
"DNA footprints" in species that are not well characterized genetically.
I am a postdoc working in the relatively new area of plant microsatellite
markers, but I am trying to reamain abreast of all of the rapid developments
in the human genome community using these markers.  I believe that most
bionet groups are unmoderated, but I volunteer to do whatever administrative
maintenence would be required to make this new group viable- provided that
I can do it from my Mac at this remotely networked site.          .
Please consider this message as a call for comments and criticisms and a
testing of the waters prior to any formal proceedures for establishing a
new group within the bionet hierarchy.
Stuart Brown
Stuart Brown                       |   Plant Genetic Resources
                                   |   Georgia Experiment Station
INTERNET:                          |   1109 Experiment Street
  SBROWN at GAES.GRIFFIN.PEACHNET.EDU |   Griffin, Georgia 30223-1797 USA
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