Dog Intelligence Test By Coon Wanted $$$$$$cash paid

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Mon Oct 24 19:33:11 EST 1994

In the 1970's my mother wrote a book entitled _The Dog Intelligence Test_
author: Kathy Coon
originally she published the book herself but Later AVON published it and it
was even featuded on Dyna Shore and the Tonight Show. It was printed in
Austrailian, Japanese, French, and American Editions. The problem is that she
only owns one copy of the American ediiton of the one published and expanded by
AVON. DOES ANYONE HAVE A COPY FOR SALE?????? It has been out of print.
PLEASE E-MAIL ME at one of the addresses below if you have a copy! Thanx!
I will pay $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4
dcoon at
icsc4053 at (this address expires  Dec. 8)
pit$2149 at

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