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      *************List of Available Used Equipment*************
 Equipment Description			Make			Model	       

 Absorbance/Fluorescence Monitor HPLC	ISCO		  
 Airfuge				Beckman 
 Analytical Balance(0.1mg readability)	Sartorius		2814
 Atomic absorption			PE			290-B		
 Centrifuge Rotor			IEC			927
 Centrifuge, refrig. floor model	IEC			CRU5000
 Coldroom Kit for Beckman Airfuge	
 Data Module and Integrators(sev avail)	HP and Waters 				
 Diode Array Spectrophotometer		HP			8450A
 Dishwasher				Labconco
 Dissecting Stereomicroscope>100x	B&L
 Dry Bath-Heating Blocks		Thermolyne		DV5945F 21
 ELISA (Microplate Reader)		Molecular Devices	Vmax
 Evapomix (sample concentrator)		Buchler		  
 Fax machine				AT&T			3500-D
 FPLC System				Phamacia
 Fraction Collector			Gilson + others		FC-ADK
 Freeze Dryer				Labconco
 GC's(several w/diff. config avail)	PE, HP	
 Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer	HP			5995C
 Glucose Analyzer			YSI			A23
 HP Workstation, 9000 model 330		HP			9000/330
 HPLC Detector: diff refractometer	Waters			R401
 HPLC Pumps				diff			diff
 HPLC Systems				Waters			Diff Config
   "	"				Beckman
   "	"				ABI
   "	"				ISCO
   "	"				PE
 Incubator							30
 IR Spectrophotometer			PE			1420
 Microfuge (diff models avail)		Fisher, Beckman	  
 Microtome knife sharpener		A.O.
 Oven Incubator				Thelco			z
 pH Meter, digital			Beckman			3500
 Photodiode Array Detector (HPLC)	HP			1040A
 Recirculator				Haake			Model F
 Refrigerated Recirculator		Precision Sci
 Shaker					Eberbach
 Shaking Incubator			Labline
 Solvent Programmer (HPLC)		Waters			660
 Spectrophotometer UV-VIS		Hitachi			320
 Spectrophotometer UV-VIS		Varian			Cary 118
 Vacuum Pumps (several avail.)		diff (Welch)
 Water Stills (1l, 12L/HR units)	diff

 EAE will also locate a wide range of lab equipment and do custom 
 configuration.  Please call or e-mail John Brookes for details. 
 John Brookes (jbrookes at,  tel. 510-428-0700
 Emeryville Analytical Equipment Co.

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