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> Hi;
> This seems to be one of those esoteric questions that this group seems to
> excel.  I am moving soon and the apartment has small creatures named
> cockroaches.  As much as I like animals, I really don't want to take any (if
> possible) with me.  I have boxes of books which may or may have these creatures
> associated with them, but I haven't seen in the boxes on random checks.  Is
> there something that I could put into the boxes that would drive them out but
> damage the books?  I would appreciate any suggestions.  Reply to me or post
> here.  Thanks in advance.
As you probably know, it does no good to fumigate one room in a building
if adjacent rooms are infested.

To be really sure of killing all the buggers, you need to get your stuff
out of the apartment and into an environment you can control, such as a 
garage, shed, or panel truck. Any exterminator will tell you that you need to kill
both the roaches and their eggs. Consequently, you need to fumigate the
garage or whatever containing your stuff not just once, but a second time
two weeks later. This is long enough for the eggs to have hatched, but
not long enough for a new set of eggs to be laid. 

You also need to know that the place you're moving to doesn't have roaches.
It's worth checking into.

Good luck.

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