roach control(?)

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Wed Oct 26 12:23:18 EST 1994

Dear Michael,
	Having done some research on the topic, I read that cucumber skins &
bay leaves repel roaches.  DON'T BELIEVE IT.  The substance which works is
boric acid, but it is very slow.  It interrupts the molting process and takes
weeks.  On the plus side, it is non-toxic to anything without an exoskeleton
and does not damage books (I assume you forgot the "not" in your sentence,
otherwise chromic acid would drive them out and damage the books.).  You may
find the same creatures in your new place, so sprinkling boric acid powder in
the book boxes would be a good idea.  A cursory look in the boxes is likely
not to reveal roaches unless you are really overrun, and the beasties really
like to eat the glue used in bookbinding, so you should assume that roaches
are there until proved otherwise.  Boric acid is readily available and inex-
pensive, and one sprinkling of powder lasts virtually forever (if you don't
clean it up).  Good luck.
				Bill Tivol

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