Help: Dog breeding science?

Jasper Saris
Wed Oct 26 03:02:26 EST 1994

Nahum Goldmann (ab148 at FreeNet.Carleton.CA) wrote:

: I'm posting this on the behalf of a friend, Dr. Felix Gourman, a renown
: phisiologist, who just organized the Department of Cynology at the Odessa
: State University in the Ukraine.  The new school deals with the scientific
: basis of dog breeding and has a number of undergrads and graduate students.

: Does anybody knows any discussion group or publications (electronic or
: otherwise) that deal with these issues outside of xUSSR?

: Also, is there any other serious school that you know that teaches and does
: research in this area?

: Your reply to me will be much appreciated.

: Very best

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The University of Utrecht, The netherlands, has a large animalhealth 
department and the do also genetics on dogs. 

I don't know any address, sorry.

Hope this helps a bit,

Jasper Saris

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