Origin of Life

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Wed Oct 26 01:25:52 EST 1994

Nick Mclean > ...How far have scientists got with this problem (origin of 

ans: Not very far. Stanley Miller and his flask (1950's) made parts of 
amino acids but they were racemic. That is both right and left
handed chirality. For life to even begin to form you must have
left handed amino acids and right handed sugars in very pure form.

    Dr. William A. Bonner Stanford University, California 94305
has published many papers on origin of life. His latest, Prebiotic 
Chirality and Life (1994) goes through the different theorys and
concludes that life originated in outer space.

    Dr. Bonner contends that Circular Polarized Light (CPL) whos 
electric vector represents a "truly chiral" physical agent.

   The mechanism would be a neutron star who's intense magnetic 
field would cause synchrotron radiation which would generate
the circular polorized light.

    I demure and feel that Dr. Wolfram Thiemann of Bremen, Germany
who in 1981 made chiral molecules with parallel magnetic fields.
His results were fleeting and not easiley reproduced.

    I believe if he had used a moving parallel magnetic field,
simular to the earth's magnetic field, were it not synchronized 
with the earth's rotation, it would have provided energy to
make order out of disorder without violating entropy..

   I am working on a computer model to show that when a meteor
of sufficient size to cause mass extinction strikes the earth,
the crust by precession, reels. That is it seperates from the core
causing violent upheavals as the core and crust spin on different axis.

    These things (upheavals) are wrote about in the ancient writings.
When things settle down the crust will have slowed more than the core.

    This leaves the magnetic field which is in the core, outruning the 
crust. This moving non reversing magnetic field could provide the 
energy for origin of life and the bias for chirality.

   The moving field after each extinction would jump start evolution
os the path from primeval slime to present could fit into 3 billion
years. Just now we are not evolving fast enough.


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