proposal for new bionet group for microsatellites

Wed Oct 26 13:00:45 EST 1994

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odonnell at (Kevin O'Donnell) writes:
>>I would like to start the discussion process for creating a new bionet
>>group for discussions related to microsatellite sequences.  Currently
>>discussions about microsatellites take place in a number of different
>>bionet groups including Methods and Reagents, Genome Project,
>>genome.arabidopsis, Chromomosome, and probably some others that I don't
>>regularly follow.
>There has been some discussion in the rapds newsgroup, on whether it
>should be expanded to take in a range of methods for molecular markers
>RAPDs, RFLPs, AFLPs, and the various forms of simple sequence repeats.
>This would still be my prefered option, rather than having a RAPD group
>and microsattelite group and (as it becomes more widely used) an AFLP
>group and (insert as yet undeveloped method here).
>I suppose it depends on the likely volume of traffic in separate groups
>and whether there is likely to be significant overlap between people
>using the different methods.
I have worked with RAPDs and I still read the bionet.RAPD group, but I
find surprisingly little overlap between technical problems and data
analysis techniques between RAPD and SSR type analyses.  If we added
discussion of microsatellites to the RAPD group (with an appropriately
changed name, I think we would largely have parallel discussions rather
than a larger group discussion.
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