why Nit.ox for whipping cream?

Colin Cracknell colinc at cix.compulink.co.uk
Fri Oct 28 04:44:29 EST 1994

I imagine that CO2 would sour the cream. I believe that the reason N2O is 
used is because it is soluble in the cream. Thus when the cream emerges 
from the nozzle, the pressure drop causes more N2O to come out of 
solution, "puffing" the cream.

I've more than once tried inhaling the remaining gas from a cream aerosol 
can. If it got me high, it was a very subtle high - I've generally been 
in a pretty good mood when I started. On the other hand the taste of the 
N2O with a few residual drops of cream is enough on its own to make this 
a pleasurable activity.

Maybe the N2O in a normal serving is enough to induce a vague feeling of 
wellbeing, prompting the consumer to buy more of the product?

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