***HELP!** Re:gallbladder disease

Cord TsRak cordtsrak at aol.com
Sat Oct 29 20:47:06 EST 1994

In article <CyCGuq.352 at world.std.com>, jverrill at world.std.com (James
Verrill) writes:

>  I need as much data on Gallbladder disease ASAP.  All of my Archie 
searches and searches through John Hopkins have come up empty.  I need 
help immediately.  Anybody out there that can lend a hand?  Thanks in 

You need to expound on the specific type of disease that you are
interested in (infection, tumor,etc?).   I assume that you are not talking
about the standard gallbladder problem of "stones" forming in the
gallbladder.  While this is common, it can assume many different levels of

PS. Be careful of any doctor who wants to "cut".  Unfortunatly, there are
many Doctors who are not well informed and will go with techniques that
are 20 years out of date (leaches anyone?)
Hope every thing works out OK.


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