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Sat Oct 29 20:08:37 EST 1994

	I think that is a smal problem, if there is somebody who can inform 
everybody else were the next addres is.
	Francisco Caviedes

On 28 Oct 1994, David Kristofferson wrote:

> Well, USENET fans, maybe we talked this one to death previously, and
> no one has anything new to say.  My only concern about the proposal
> (see below) has to do with the transfer of the newsgroup charter
> discussions from BIOFORUM/bionet.general to the proposed
> BIOSCI-ADMIN/bionet.admin newsgroup.
> My question to the BIOFORUM/bionet.general readership is, 
> "Will you participate in the discussions if they are moved away from
> BIOFORUM/bionet.general??"
> Particularly for the e-mail participants, this will mean taking the
> initiative to subscribe to BIOSCI-ADMIN, so it is virtually certain
> that the readership will be less than BIOFORUM.
> Currently, many proposals evoke little or no comment, so this may not
> be a big concern for many people.  On occasion, however, a hot potato
> comes along.  In that case, if only the "computer nerds" like myself
> are reading bionet.admin, will the opinions expressed be
> representative of the biology readership????
> We could, of course, continue to hold charter discussions on
> BIOFORUM/bionet.general and change the proposal below so that
> BIOSCI-ADMIN/bionet.admin is used only for discussions of bionet
> newsgroup administrative issues and for posting things like the bionet
> checkgroups message.
> What do people think??
> 				Sincerely,
> 				Dave Kristofferson
> 				BIOSCI/bionet Manager
> 				biosci-help at
> In article <38n3bo$r24 at>,
> BIOSCI Administrator  <biosci-help at> wrote:
> >As a result of an extended debate on bionet.general several weeks back
> >Dave Mack here at BIOSCI developed the following proposal to create
> >
> >BIOSCI-ADMIN/bionet.admin.
> >
> >Newsgroup charter:
> >
> >The BIOSCI-ADMIN/bionet.admin newsgroup is intended to provide a focal
> >point for discussions relating to the BIOSCI/bionet newsgroup
> >hierarchy and its administration.  In particular, it will replace
> >BIOFORUM/bionet.general as the forum for the discussion of new
> >newsgroup proposals.  Newsgroup CFD's will continue to be posted to
> >BIONEWS/bionet.announce and BIOFORUM/bionet.general, but will contain
> >lines to redirect follow-ups and replies to BIOSCI-ADMIN/bionet.admin.
> >CFV's will be posted to all three newsgroups.
> >
> >Currently, discussion of issues such as newsgroup naming and problems
> >with news and mail propagation are intermixed with miscellaneous
> >discussions of biological topics in BIOFORUM/bionet.general.  As a
> >result of previous discussion in that forum, it seems desirable to
> >move the administrative discussions out of a group whose charter is
> >biological.
> >
> >In addition, Usenet administrators who do not ordinarily read the
> >bionet newsgroups, but who are nonetheless charged with propagating
> >them, have expressed dismay at having to filter through the
> >bionet.general traffic to find information about new newsgroups.
> >
> >The bionet.admin newsgroup will not be moderated.  The discussion
> >leader will be Dr. David Kristofferson.
> >----------------------------------------------------------------------

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