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Thu Sep 1 13:57:02 EST 1994

> szcooley at chip.ucdavis.edu wrote:
> : Why is it that we have such a small number of journals listed in 
> : bionet.journals.contents? Such a minuscule group makes reading it hardly 
> : worthwhile.
> Well, I guess its worth depends on how well it fits your journal profile
> -- I am lucky in that many of the journals I scan are on it
> (J.Bacteriology, Molecular Microbiology, Nuc.Acids.Res).
> The Journal Contents are supplied to the group from the publishers;
> if the publishers won't play ball, we're out of luck.  Pretty shortsighted
> on their part, but we can't save them from themselves.

As I replied privately yesterday, it costs them money to get this
material sent out for posting and they have not always been eager to
do so.  The commercial publishers, Springer the main exception, have
also been harder to convince, but I continue to try.  Recent contacts
with both Wiley and a part of Academic Press have not borne fruit

> Does any one else find it ironic that TIBS is not in 
> bionet.journals.contents?

I asked them a number of times late last year also and never got an
answer from them.


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