Peter L. Hurd hurd at fraser.sfu.ca
Fri Sep 2 16:11:20 EST 1994

jm68 at kimbark.uchicago.edu (James R. Mensch Jr.) writes:

>Mine are also 'permanent' somewhat mobile, ie. 'swinging around', and unlike
>some I would see in my childhood.

How odd, mine also seem to swing around, a source of some sunday morning
amusement trying to deduce the fixed point before getting up and making
coffee.  They are definately the very same shape as they were when I was
a teen & given to staring at blank walls.

I think it was on the CBC's _Quirks and Quarks_ that I heard that floaters
were RBCs which had gotten loose and glomed together.  Sounded plausible,
except that the explanation was followed by some "don't worry they go away"
sentence which seemed to contradict my experience with them.


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