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>>It would be REALLY, REALLY, REALLY nice if everyone made sure their
>>software preserved/updated the References: header line.  Especially
>>the BIOSCI staff.  <hint, hint>
>I'm running stock INN-1.4sec here. The fact that all of the bionet
>newsgroups are bi-directionally gated to mailing lists probably
>causes the References line to get nuked now and then. I'm not
>entirely sure what I can do about that, but I would welcome any 
>suggestions that don't involve a massive AI research project.

I'm the guilty party on the staff here 8-).  I subscribe to
BIOFORUM/bionet.general by e-mail as well as reading it by news and my
e-mail replies are undoubtedly what is causing the problem referred to
above.  Sorry.


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