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>	Despite Una's analysis of what the bionet folks should do, it
>would surely cripple their computer if they openned up their NTTP server
>for public read/post access, and that is not what I suggested.  It should
>be openned to particular sites, upon request, for a limited "trial"
>period.  During this period, the biologists at that site could access
>articles via a WWW client, which is better than email, but still not as
>good as a real news client/server setup, and hopefully, the need for
>a real news client/server setup would be promoted at that site.


Just getting caught up after coming back from vacation.  This
discussion topic is actually something we debated doing a long time
ago and decided against at the time; I have reopened the discussion
with Dave Mack both about the above and also about offerring more
publicly than we have in the past to provide bionet.* newsfeeds (we
didn't go around publicizing this fact regularly).  We haven't reached
a final conclusion on either issue yet but may try a few experiments
first. already handles both a large volume of mail (Dave
Mack's recently posted figure of 30,000 per day is based on low August
levels.  Last May it was between 40,000 to 60,000 copies per day) and
also WAIS/gopher queries on our indexes, but it is a multiple
processor Solbourne and still has power to spare.

We will also, with NSF's permission, be looking into non-grant sources
of maintaining BIOSCI as a non-profit operation in the future, and,
allowing low-cost login accounts on the machine for people who have
Internet but not news access, may be one means of raising some revenue
to pay for our network connection and hardware maintenance.  Obviously
with many public access sites coming on-line all the time, any fees
collected would have to be small.  I'm not sure yet how feasible this
would be.


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