Type 2 Diabetes and glucokinase mutations

Geneen Dashefsky dashefg at bio63.alleg.edu
Fri Sep 2 12:20:26 EST 1994

	My name is Geneen Dashefsky and I am currently a senior at  
Allegheny College.  I am interested in performing a senior thesis project  
on Type 2 Diabetes and its relation to mutations in the glucokinase gene.   
I would like to know if any mouse models with such mutations and this type  
of diabetes are available.  Specifically, I would like to know whether the  
models are heterogyous and/or homozygous, in addition to learning what  
types of mutations they possess and the cost of purchasing such models.
	Another piece of information I am interested to learn is whether  
any immortalized pancreas cell lines with glucokinase mutations are  
available.  If so, are they homozygous and/or heterozygous?  Once again  
the costs of such reagents would be very helpful to me.   Lastly, I am  
interested in knowing whether a glucokinase gene is available, one with an  
inducible promoter if possible.  Any information that could be supplied   
would be very helpful to me and to my senior project.  Thank you,

					Geneen Dashefsky
					dashefg at alleg.edu

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