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Hi netter,

	I am planning a small experiment Re: immuno-suppression against
experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis (EAU)

The experiment is based on the following facts: 
1. 	We have induced the immuno suppression against rat EAU by giving them
	retinal antigen intranasally BEFORE the immunisation with same retinal 
	antigen. (Dick A, Cheng Y-F, et al. Br. J. Ophthalmol (1993)

2.	The protocol of this intranasal suppression/tolerance is to give rats
	retinal antigen intranasally daily for 2 weeks, leave the rats for a
	week without any treatment to let the antigen being processed. If you 
	then challenge the rats, you get a suppressed the EAU.

3.	We have found out that if the retinal antigens are given AFTER the 
	immunisation, it failed to protect the animals. 

4.	Cyclosporin A can induce a delayed onset of EAU, if CsA is given from
	day7 to day 15 after immunisation. The effect of CsA lasts for about a

What I want to know is, "How can I apply this self antigen
immuno-suppression/tolerance in a manner similar to clinical cases?" In another
word, does it have any significance to those subjects who are already sensitised

Here is the small experiment I want to do. But some how I get puzzled about the
timing of CsA and retinal antigen administration. 

Any comments or advice? 

It is really just a matter of a race between CsA and retinal antigen. The
retinal antigen challenge is that "GO" signal!

Has anyone done the similar work and would like to share
experience and opinions?  

	Challenge with retinal antigen		!
	RE intranasal tolerisation 		**
	CsA administration			^^

	Day 0		Day 7		Day 14		Day 21		...

A 	 ! *********************************

B 	 ! *************************************************

C 	 ! *********************************

D 	 ! **************************************************

E 	 ! 		   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

F 	 !		   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

G 	 !


Cheers and have a nice day!

Y-F Cheng,MB ChB
Dept. of Ophthalmology
Univ. Aberdeen

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