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Una Smith una at doliolum.biology.yale.edu
Sat Sep 3 15:02:30 EST 1994

David Kristofferson <kristoff at net.bio.net> wrote:

>... we definitely will *not* be splitting the lists up and
>farming the work out to 500 volunteers at various points around
>the world.  That is a guaranteed step back into network chaos.

Why "500"?  To me, this figure seems inflated by an order of
magnitude, given that BIOSCI runs about 60 mailing lists, most
of them small, and one Internet archive.  The ECOLOG-L mailing
list (1500 subscribers, ~20 messages per day) takes the list
owner 30 minutes per day to run.  It takes me 15 minutes per
week to run SCIFAQ-L (~200 subscribers, ~5 messages per day).

Why "chaos"?  There are several hundred biology mailing lists
out there now, run by volunteers all around the world:  I see
no chaos among them.  David, you seem to imply that only someone
who is paid to run mailing lists is competent to do the job.
As a mailing list administrator myself, I find this peculiar;
please explain what you mean.

	Una Smith			smith-una at yale.edu

Department of Biology, Yale University, New Haven, CT  06520-8104  USA

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