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The ArchWizard arch at
Sat Sep 3 03:03:23 EST 1994

The Supine Collander slandered:

: Last time I checked down at the police station, I saw you are wanted
: for homicidal rampages, beating up grannies, armed robbery, animal sexual
: assault, paedophilia, drug smuggling, terrorist activities, prostitution,
: illegal gambling, and phoning in fake fires to the fire department.  If
: anyone's standing should be questioned in this forum, it should be yours!
: You should be ashamed of yourself!  Shame!  Shame!  Shame!

	Sorry... I haven't done any real-life crimes... you're obviously
getting me confused with someone else... easy to do when you're desperately
looking for dirt to throw against someone who's kicking your butt... and
being anonynomous to boot! 

	Lets see... many of the people on alt.usenet.kooks and alt.flame
can testify to your crimes far better than I can... but I know that YOU are
the leader of this evil newsgroup...

	(and here's MY crimes as the net-villain of alt.bigfoot...)

	Last time I checked at the net-police station, I saw I was wanted for :

	Nuking posts on alt.bigfoot indiscriminately (I've stopped doing that
and am now focusing on just you and the rest of your weak and despondant
rabble...), using a fake-id, and generally being a net-nusiance (in the eyes
of the a.b.ers.)

	Which might be considered terrorist activities against a terrorist
newsgroup...  And I'm willing to bet that in real-life you alt.pigfooters
would attack old grannies on the net!!! 

	(And, since I killed the moose JPEGs, I could be charged with animal
assault... prying the alt.bigfooters from the objects of their affection!)


	I think I'm doing a pretty good job... doing my evil against evil
incarnate... I'm also watching the alt.flamers continue to pound you guys
into a pulp, and most of the first string ab'ers have hidden themselves
(and you would be too if I wasn't putting the heat on you!!!) - a sure
sign of a successful attack...

	The best you guys can do is send hooten out to get slaughtered...  I  
was expecting better things out of you net-bozos!!!

: : 	Disguises only work if you know how to fake posts as well.  Using
: : your REAL name will get you NOWHERE (besides getting KICKED OUT!)

: HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  That's right... Shafik Harmoni is my *real*

	Well... let's see. You're compeletely unwelcome whereever you stick
your puny head nowadays... people like me will blast you to shreads even 
on alt.bigfoot (and cancel you too)!!!  YOU AREN'T SAFE ANYWHERE!!!

:  Supreme Commander.

	The ArchWizard

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