MOLLUSCS/bionet.molbio.molluscs passes: 99 YES to 2 NO

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at
Fri Sep 2 19:01:10 EST 1994

I am pleased to announce that MOLLUSCS/bionet.molbio.molluscs passed
by a vote of 99 YES to 2 NO.  The group should be implemented some
time soon after the Labor Day holiday this weekend.

Please do not request e-mail subscriptions until an announcement is
made in BIONEWS/bionet.announce that the group is ready.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

Proposal to establish MOLLUSCS/bionet.molbio.molluscs

Proposed USENET name:  bionet.molbio.molluscs

Proposed mailing list name:  MOLLUSC-MOLECULAR-NEWS

Proposed e-mail addresses:  molluscs at
                            molluscs at

Discussion leader:  Dr. Elizabeth Grace Boulding
                    Dept. of Zoology
                    University of Guelph
                    Guelph, ON
                    N1G 2W1
                    telephone: (519) 824-4120 (x4961)
                    FAX: (519) 767-1656
                    email: boulding at

Proposal for moving the newsgroup Mollusc Molecular News to bionet:

The Mollusc Molecular News is a newsgroup with approximately 200
members whose research involves working with mollusc DNA.  Past topics
of discussion have included PCR and RAPD primers that are useful for
molluscs, dna isolation methods that are helpful in removing mollusc
mucus from DNA, and changes in mitochondrial gene order among
different groups of molluscs.  I also compile a hard copy newsletter
over email every year and mail it out via Canada Post to everyone on
our mailing list.  I agree to continue as discussion leader once our
group is moved to bionet.  We would like status as a full-fledged
newsgroup from the beginning so our postings can be archived and
available through USENET.

Dr. Elizabeth Grace Boulding

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