nocturnal animals in the pacific northwest

Silas Salmonberry silas at MCS.COM
Sat Sep 3 19:43:42 EST 1994

Well, I don't want to provoke a flame war on the Indian view
of science and spirituality since most people in the white community
are totally blind to their biases against native beliefs and culture.
No one would dare say anything openly anti-christian  but calling
Native beliefs and culture "unproven", "baseless" and "absurd" is
all OK.  But let me just say that there is FAR MORE EVIDENCE FOR
Before any Christian fundamentalist responds to this let me just
say please don't, and please stay on the subject of biology and
science. Blind belief in the existence of Bigfoot, God and Spirits
is not science, but then again non-belief is not science either.
Science is neutral.  Science says "I don't know whether god or bigfoot
exists, but let me see the facts please, and let's discuss how we can 
prove or disprove the existence of the said beings".

So, I've been doing a little more thinking then posting lately
and I was thinking of something Henry was suggesting on alt.bigfoot
not too long ago.  Now it seems that some people want to find
bigfoot with IR (infra-red) technology.  The first thing I thought
was that if you see large objects from the IR detector at night,
and the object is not stationary then you are observing a nocturnal
animal.  Now of course some animals which are not nocturnal might
be active at night, but it would be unlikely that they would be too
active (am I making any sense ?).  Sorry about this long winded
"question", but I guess I'm asking "would observance (on infra-red)
of large active night animals lend any support to the existence of
bigfoot ?".  What animals in the Pacific Northwest would be active at
night ?

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