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Marci Swede (ms5h+ at andrew.cmu.edu) wrote:
: Last winter I had an extended bout with broncitis (6 mos) with a lot of
: coughing.  I began to see floaters in my right eye, on particularly
: large and dark one.  So I trouped off to the eye-doctor and she examined
: my rentina for possible detatchment (there was none).  She said that the
: floater was caused by my extremely forceful coughs "stirring up" the
: sediment at the bottom of my eye (within the visceral (sp?) fluid of the
: eye).  Infact she could see the large floater that was bothering me,
: during the retinal exam.

: Made dissecting tetrads a real treat :)

I can second the observation that mechanical shock can bring these on; or
at least my wife can. She has had them rather badly in one eye for about 
a year, after going bungee diving 8-(. Our optician gave the same 
explanation as above.

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