Zoo. directory 09-94

Terry Polk tpolk at indy.net
Wed Sep 7 00:13:02 EST 1994

The September 1994 Zoological e-mail directory is now available.
Entries so far: 131

This is a collection of addresses gathered by advertising in several
Internet newsgroups.  The following people are included:

Zoo and aquarium employees

Veterinarians (exotics)

Administrators of animal-related associations and societies

Wildlife rehabilitators, educators in animal related studies, and those doing 
animal-related research and who are associated with one of the following:
  A zoo or aquarium
  An animal-related association or society
  A university, academy, or college

Since we do not yet have a home for the list, I will send one out through
personal e-mail upon request.  Send mail to tpolk at indy.net with a subject
of "send zoo list" and I will Re: with the current copy.  If you have any
comments, use a different subject, as I will not read the mail with the
"send zoo list" subject line. 

Since this is not an automated process, please allow a couple of days for
a response (yes, just like snail mail!)

If you would like to be included in the directory and your work fits in one
of the above categories, send mail with a subject line of "zoo list entry"
(or Re: to this message) to tpolk at indy.net, and include the following 

Animals worked with (if applicable)
Internet address

If you can offer an ftp/telnet/gopher accessible home for the list, please 
drop a line.

Thank you,

Terry Polk
Elephant Handler
Indianapolis Zoo

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