Shelle Campbell scampbel at
Wed Sep 7 14:17:23 EST 1994

        I am a high school research student.  This is my fifth year in
science research with the same continuing project.
        My project deals with the attraction of Rhabditus nematodes to the
carnivorous fungus Arthrobotrys conoides.  In past experiments, I have
noticed that if the fungus is introduced after the nematodes, the growth of
the tomato plants I use in the experiment is stunted.  This year, I plan to
grow the plants until they produce tomatoes to see if the color, size, taste,
etc. is affected.
        I am in need of information on the fungus Arthrobotrys conoides and
the attraction of nematodes to carnivorous fungi.  Thank you for your time,

  Jennifer Roever

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