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Daniel Stubbs bl92dds at
Wed Sep 7 15:50:57 EST 1994


Hi all 
	I am a second year student studying Applied Medical Biochem at Brunel unie. 
At the end of my course I would like to go into some form of cancer research.
I realise that this is a very competative field but i thought that i would start to look at it now as i still have a few more years left here.  I am in a sandwich course
which means that i have to do 6 months in the field of my vocation.  If any one would like to point me in the direction of any sort of information relavent to the biochemical study of Cancer or if any one knows of any place that would be willing to take me on for the period between March and sepmtember please could they post or send me a E-mail on bl92dds at  

NB i shall be away from the comp between sat the 10th and sat the 24th of sept this year.

Thanks for reading 

Daniel Stubbs.

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