Barnacles & pepper based paints

Shelle Campbell scampbel at
Wed Sep 7 15:12:49 EST 1994

Student needs Assistance in Barnacle Research

My name is Rachel Henry.  I am in Science Research at Rockledge High, and I
am beginning research with barnacles.  I read an article, !Well, Shiver Me
Timbers and Pepper Me Barnacles,! by M. E. Cohen in Business Week (Science
and Technology), discussing the use of habanero and cayenne peppers with
epoxy based paint to form a more environmentally friendly bottom paint for
boats.  The barnacles are supposedly repelled by the peppers, therefore
reducing the barnacle population, without causing as much damage to the
marine life as the traditional cuprous oxide paints.  If anyone has any
information pertaining to this research, or any other ideas, please respond. 
I would really appreciate any ideas or information that anyone may be able to
share with me. Thank you for your assistance.

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