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        SETIQuest is a new quarterly print/electronic mail (E-mail) 
    periodical containing news, technical information, and tutorials 
    devoted to bioastronomy and its subset, SETI (Search for 
    Extraterrestrial Intelligence). 

        SETIQuest is published for professionals, serious amateur 
    astronomers, and individuals curious about this fascinating field of 
    observation.  SETIQuest fills the need for a specialized astronomical 
    publication devoted exclusively to the on-going search for evidence 
    of life in the Universe.  Such evidence could be intentional or 
    inadvertent signals of other civilizations.  Such evidence could be 
    found in spectral signatures of biological activity on extrasolar
    planets or in the interstellar medium.  

        SETIQuest is written and edited for the scientifically literate 
    individual taking part in the progress of our technological 
    civilization, with articles by amateur and professional scientists.
    SETIQuest includes information about hands-on observational programs 
    that can be carried out by individuals and groups of amateur
    astronomers at radio and optical wavelengths.  

        SETIQuest is filled with articles covering topics such as:

        * Tutorials about bioastronomy and SETI
        * Microwave or optical SETI as practiced by amateurs
        * "Do-it-yourself" participation in bioastronomy and SETI activities
        * Book reviews
        * Regular commentary on issues relevant to SETI and bioastronomy:

        SETI and the political milieu

        Philosophical issues regarding the prospects of success and 
    failure in the search

        SETI as a parable of science versus pseudo science

        Publications Watch:  Summaries of recent scientific/general 
    publications relevant to SETI

        For your FREE issue of SETIQuest (Volume 1, Number 1), send us 
    your postal address by fax, E-mail, or conventional mail to: 

        SETIQuest Inquiries, Department NET
        Helmers Publishing
        174 Concord Street
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        Telephone: (603) 924-9631  FAX (603) 924-7408
        Internet E-mail: SQINQNET at

    Carl Helmers,  President & Editorial Director,  Helmers Publishing, Inc.
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