Harkin-Hatfield status

Leonard Paplauskas lpaplaus at neuron.uchc.edu
Fri Sep 9 07:50:08 EST 1994

In article <33vda4$ji at emory.mathcs.emory.edu>, clarsen at bimcore.emory.edu (Chris Larsen) writes:
>What is the current status of the Harkin Hatfield amendment?
>This bill would add 3-6 billion to the NIH budget, per year. 
>It would come from an additional 0,5%  on the back of health care premiums.

The current "wisdom" in Washington is that Harkin-Hatfield is dead for this 
session of Congress.  Unfortunately, H-H is tied to one of the Health Care 
Reform proposals, which will certainly not make it through.  If a health 
care reform bill is passed this session, it is likely to be watered down, 
and not contain any of the provisions which would have helped academic 
institutions.  There was a summary of this matter in this week's Chronicle 
of Higher Education.

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