chlorophyll synthesis

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>Subject: chlorophyll synthesis
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>Dear netters:
>        I need some help, I have been looking and looking for the
>metabolic route by which chlorophyll is synthesized and degraded. I have
>found some information but it only has the name of some of the enzymes
>(no cofactors) and I was wondering if someone could give me a
>bibliographic note or some guidance on the matter.
>                Thanks,
>                        Monica Magidin
>                        monica at
>P.S.Please send any answers to the e-mail address.

Some references:-
  Castelfranco, P.A. and Beale, S.I. (1983)
  Annual Rev. Plant Physiol. 34, 241-278

  Rudiger, W. and Schoch, S. (1988) In: Plant Pigments (ed. Goodwin, T.W.)
   Academic Press, London, pp. 1-59.
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