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         Improving Health Through Advanced Computing & Communications:
                          Realities Beyond The Promise

                       September 26, 1994, Washington, DC
                  Baird Auditorium, Museum of Natural History

           Also available via Internet Virtual Conference (see below)

The purpose of this conference is to further the national debate on the role
of the National Information Infrastructure (NII) in improving health care.

The audience will be key policymakers in Congress, the Administration,
schools, scientific and medical associations and societies, and others
interested in high performance computing and communications (HPCC).

The program will discuss the public interest issues involved in supporting
advanced computing and communications in health care.  In other words, what
will we do with high speed data networks in health care once we have them?

Several of the recently announced recipients of the National Library of
Medicine's HPCC grants will describe their projects.  Past programs
the evolving NII have often had to rely on the promise of HPCC.  This
conference will focus on real projects that are currently underway around the
country to improve health care.

This conference is sponsored by the Friends of the National Library of
Medicine, along with the Medical Library Association and the American Medical
Informatics Association.

This conference will be made available in text format via a private Internet
mailing list as the conference is taking place.  Transcripts will be
distributed within two hours after each session.  Virtual Participants will
encouraged to reply to conference materials and transcripts over the course
the day, as we will include our Virtual Participants' remarks as fully as
possible into the conference.

Conference Agenda:

10:00  Welcome by Michael DeBakey, M.D., Moderator, Chancellor and Chairman,
       Baylor College of Medicine

10:05  Senator Tom Harkin (Iowa), Chairman of Senate Appropriations
       Subcommittee on Health

10:25  Q&A session with Senator Harkin

10:30  Consumer Interests and Concerns in HPCC Health Applications

       Mary Gardiner Jones, President, Alliance for Public Technology and the
       Consumer Interest Research Institute

       Mark Cooper, Consumer Federation of America

11:00  Implementing the HPCC Vision

       Donald A.B. Lindberg, M.D., Director of the National Library of
       Medicine and Director, Coordinating Office for High Performance
       Computing and Communications

11:25  Information and Communication Research and Development

       Anita Jones, Ph.D., Director, Defense Research and Engineering,

11:40  Q&A session with Mary Gardiner Jones, Mark Cooper, Dr. Donald A.B.
       Lindberg, and Dr. Anita Jones

12:00  Box lunch provided; participants are encouraged to visit the
       Smithsonian American History Museum exhibit on Information
       Technology across the street from the Baird Auditorium

1:15   Senator Ernest Hollings (South Carolina), Chairman, Commerce,
       Science and Transportation Committee

1:30   Q&A session with Senator Hollings

1:35   Roz Diane Lasker, M.D., Deputy Assistant Secretary for Health,
       Department of Health and Human Services

1:55   Thomas Kalil, White House Office of Economic Policy

2:20   Panel Discussion: HPCC Applications in Health Care
       Moderated by Dr. Michael E. DeBakey

2:25   Testbed Networks: Michael Kienzle, M.D., Iowa National Laboratory
       for the Study of Rural Telemedicine

2:45   Real-time Telemedicine in Rural Areas: Y.V. Reddy, Ph.D., West
       Virginia University

3:05   Teledermatology: Douglas Perednia, M.D., Oregon Health Sciences

3:25   Afternoon Break

3:40   Virtual Surgery: Emerging Anatomical and Functional Modeling for the
       New Surgical Frontier: Dr. Norman I. Badler and John R. Clarke,
       University of Pennsylvania

4:00   Q&A session with Dr. Michael Kienzle, Dr. Y.V. Reddy, Dr. Douglas
       Perednia, Dr. Norman I. Badler, and John R. Clarke

4:15   Panel Discussion: The Private Sector Role

       Gary Bowen, Senior Vice President, Wellfleet Communications

       Jeri Wait, Vice President, Major Sector, U S WEST Communications, Inc.

       Dan Williams, U B Networks

5:20   Closing Remarks

5:30   Reception at the Andrew Mellon Auditorium, Department of Commerce,
       across the street from the Natural History Museum

Registration information:

Registration fee includes lunch, breaks, reception and conference materials.

Virtual Participants receive electronic mail copies of all printed materials,
and print copies upon request.  The private list will allow Virtual
Participants to interact before and after the conference; list discussion and
responses will be circulated at the conference, and there will be provisions
made for electronic mail to be relayed to conference speakers, participants,
and organizers.  Registration fees are the same for the conference and

Active 1994 members of the Friends of the National Library      $50
of Medicine and federal employees. (Questions about your
Friends membership?  Call 202-462-9600)

Members of cosponsoring organizations (American Medical         $75
Informatics Association and Medical Library Association)

Nonmembers (Registration includes a one-year membership in     $100
the Friends of the NLM -- a $35 value)

Air Transportation
The closest airport to the Museum of Natural History is Washington National
Airport.  In addition, Dulles & Baltimore-Washington International Airports
serve the D.C. metropolitan area.

Ground Transportation
Cab fare from National Airport to the Smithsonian is approximately $10. Also,
the Metro subway runs from National to downtown (nearest stops are
and Federal Triangle).

A special group rate of $135 per night has been arranged at the Hotel
Washington, 15th & Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. (walking distance to the Museum
of Natural History).  Call 1-800-424-9540 or 202-638-5900 to make your
reservation.  Ask for the Friends of the NLM group rate.

For more information about the HPCC conference or the Friends of the
National Library of Medicine, call (202) 462-9600 or e-mail fnlm at

For more information about the Millennium Virtual Conference provided by
Millennium Consulting, call (202) 244-6576 or e-mail jeffporten at


         Improving Health Through Advanced Computing & Communications:
                          Realities Beyond The Promise

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