phycology newsgroup?

James Mahaffy mahaffy at
Mon Sep 12 18:17:24 EST 1994

Neil Griffin (neilgrif at wrote:

: For ease of use a newsgroup would be great....for some, I suspect.
: Others might be daunted by the technology :), or not have the
: facilities to receive NNTP newsgroups. Perhaps the ideal answer would
: be a linked newsgroup and mailing list, along the lines of, if I'm
: correct, ECOLOG-L and

Currently all bionet groups can be received or posted to by e-mail. I
get the sense that may not always be the case, but for now anyone could
get all the posts via e-mail.  I used it before our site became a full
internet site and we had a newreader running and the e-mail connection
worked fine. So a a bionet newsgroup will not eliminate anyone. 

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