phycology newsgroup?

Neil Griffin neilgrif at
Mon Sep 12 04:32:26 EST 1994

There certainly is interest, and this has led to a mailing list
initiated by Mike Guiry. If you want details on this please mail me.

For ease of use a newsgroup would be great....for some, I suspect.
Others might be daunted by the technology :), or not have the
facilities to recieve NNTP newsgroups. Perhaps the ideal answer would
be a linked newsgroup and mailing list, along the lines of, if I'm
correct, ECOLOG-L and


In article <34q50g$skd at>, slmanley at (Steven L. Manley) writes:
> is there any interest among you phycologists on the net for a 
> phycology newsgroup? i was under the impression that the phycological 
> society of america was going to facilitate the creation of such a group 
> but i have seen nothing. i know there is a clamy group but we need a more 
> general one. any comments?
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