Love Bugs

Dan Briggs dbriggs at
Mon Sep 12 20:08:49 EST 1994

Please excuse my presence here, but I have a question concerning a common 
insect here in Florida. I have been unable to locate the anwser elsewhere 
so I thought I'd try to find an entomologist to help me.

The insect in question is a black and red, soft bodied, flying insect 
known here as love bugs. They are often seen flying whilst coupled (hence 
the name). I have been told by many folks that only the males couple 
while on the wing. I don't believe this due to size difference in the 
coupled insects (I assume that the larger is the female). But I would 
like to hear from someone who knows the facts, and if possible, why the 
folk-lore about these pesky little guys. Please e-mail me directly as I 
don't wander out this way much.

Thanks in advance,

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