'pH' in a small volume?

Peter Lundberg peterl at umdix.umdc.umu.se
Tue Sep 13 02:21:46 EST 1994

What really 'is' the pH in a SMALL bacterium (or virus) at
physiological pH, say 7.3-7.4? Are all pH values possible?

*Lets assume that the diameter is 0.5 um or less. What about
mitochondria with an even higher pH? The small volume means that there
are few protons (if you are 'counting' them)...so is that to say that
the biochemistry is messed up (many biochemical processes are very
sensitive to differences in pH). What if a proton is transported in or
out of the cell or organell?

*What about the 'localized' pH in the active site of an enzyme - the pH
jumps must be quite large when protons goes in or out of the site?

I would enjoy any comments!

73, Peter

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Peter Lundberg
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