phycology newsgroup?

Una Smith una at
Tue Sep 13 15:43:25 EST 1994

Neil Griffin (neilgrif at wrote:

>> Perhaps the ideal answer would be a linked newsgroup and
>> mailing list, along the lines of, if I'm correct, ECOLOG-L
>> and

James Mahaffy <mahaffy at> wrote:

> Currently all bionet groups can be received or posted to
> by e-mail.

Yes, but the mailing lists gated to bionet.* newsgroups are
supposed to be run only by BIOSCI.  Neil mentioned a current
phycology mailing list.  Perhaps he's thinking of gating that
mailing list into a newsgroup, without giving the mailing
list to BIOSCI.  Such gateways are common in*, where
the mailing list ECOLOG-L is gated to

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