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>we are thinking about buying either a BioRad, Molecular Dynamics
>or Fuji phospho-imager. Do you have any experience with either
>of these machines ?
>questions that we have: which one is the best, how expensive
>is it to keep the machine running, what can you do with the machine ?

>clemens, heidelberg

Have you heard of the Beta-Imager ? 
We are presently evaluating this instrument after having also considered those 
units that you mention. It was developed by George Charpak (Nobel Prize 1992) 
and his team at the CERN and is principaly devoted to quantification.
We tested it with 32 P, 125 I, and  3 H on gels and blots.
If quantification is a concern to you, we highly recommend that you also 
include the Beta-Imager in your list. Our initial experience is very 

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