Frog question

Philip Locker locker at bcars6b5.UUCP
Wed Sep 14 10:44:59 EST 1994

Not sure what forum to post this to, but bionet.general seems like the place
to start.

I've got a small backyard goldfish pond (plastic lined, 18 inches deep).  This
summer a couple of green domestic frogs have taken up residence in it.  Winter
is coming - this is Ottawa and it gets COLD.  I always bring the goldfish in
for the winter.  I feel kindof responsible for the frogs now, too, since they
have adopted this artificial environment I created.  If they stay in the pond
they are sure to freeze to death.  Should I set up a terrarium for them and
bring them inside (assuming I can catch them).  There is no natural pond
nearby to take them too - who knows how far they travelled to find my little
house in the suburbs.  If I bring them in, what should I feed them?  Crickets?


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