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Wed Sep 14 08:56:32 EST 1994

Sept 14, 1994

To Whom it May Concern:
     I am posting this resume for an unemployed friend of mine who
is looking for employment as a Math teacher at the high-school or
college level.  He is a bright and dedicated fellow who has also
done some work toward a  Ph.D. in math.  
     He is willing to relocate both natinally and internatinonally.
Feel free to post this message in any appropriate newsgroup as well
as internationally known newsgroups/BBSes etc.  Also,  if needed, 
please generate hard copies of the message to give to any
principals/presidents who might be looking a good math teacher.  
     Internet responses may be sent to my email address at:

gbcarey at  
I'll forward them to him by mail (he doesn't have I-net access
yet!) Or contact him via phone/phonemail via information supplied

Thanks in advance
Greg Carey
Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics
Medical College of Virginia
Richmond,  VA 23298 
(cut here if making hard copy)

Gary A. Rosenthal 
Math Teacher Seeking Employment

Gary Andrew Rosenthal
4203 Buford Hwy, Apt E9
Atlanta, Georgia 30345
(404) 321-4919


B.A., June 1975; Queens College of the City 
University of New York, Flushing, New York. 
Major: Mathematics, Minor: Black Studies

M. Ed., May 1987; Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia. 
Major: Mathematics Education

Ed. S., December 1989; Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia. 
Major: Mathematics Education


August 90 - May 93. Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia. 
Instructor, Department of Mathematics.

August 89 - June 90. Riverwood High School, Atlanta Georgia. 
Mathematics Teacher, grades 9 -12.

August 88 - June 89. Decatur High School, Decatur, Georgia. 
Mathematics Teacher, grades 9 -12.

October 84 - June 88. Frederick Douglass High School, 
Atlanta, Georgia. 
Mathematics Teacher, grades 8 -1 2.


Five years experience teaching secondary mathematics in New York 
prior to 1984.

Gary Andrew Rosenthal                                   


Developed a college-level course in Statistics and Probability that

was added to the high school mathematics curriculum. (Douglass)

The highest-rated member of the mathematics department for 
three consecutive years. (Morehouse)

Served as a Freshmen advisor for two years, helping students 
with academic and non-academic problems. (Morehouse)

Served as a course coordinator for Intermediate Algebra and 
Precalculus 1; responsible for developing all standardized 
(departmental) exams including the Final examination. (Morehouse)

Maintained 18 office hours per week each semester and held 
Sunday afternoon review sessions twice monthly that were open to 
all students. (Morehouse)

Revised and improved a college-level course in Statistics and 
Probability. (Riverwood and Morehouse)

Have attended workshops on how to recognize and report child 
abuse and neglect and on substance abuse.

Served on numerous curricular development/improvement 

Students have consistently performed exceptionally well on all 
standardized tests. Have a 100% pass rate on the eleventh-year 
(intermediate algebra and trigonometry) New York State Regents 

Worked in association with the office of New York State Regent 
Dr Kenneth B. Clark on two cases of racial discrimination in
schools (both cases were referred by me).

Have been a strong advocate for a quality education for 
African-American students and have a success rate second-to-none 
with young Black males.


Available upon request.

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