What's with the net-cops?

hooten hooten at ucssun1.sdsu.edu
Thu Sep 15 00:50:59 EST 1994

Well?  Someone _accidentally_ crossposted here from alt.bigfoot,
and you pathetic weasels net-copped him, even though he could
have very easily not been responsible for the posts from him.
Apparently, there have been several reports of alt.bigfooters posting
in groups where they emphatically _did not_ post, leading us to
believe that someone is spoofing us, in an attempt to get us in
trouble.  Nice job, you LOSERS, he lost net-access, although he never 
intentionally (if at all) posted here.  What the hell is your
people's problem, anyway?  Do you think you OWN this group?
Think again.
I suggest some of you email his system administrator, apologizing
for your unwarrented actions, or forever be the pathetic whining
losers that you appear to be.  If you choose the latter, I guarantee
a non-stop barrage of trollers just trying to get a rise out of you
people, merely because it is apparently so easy.  For Christ's sake,
at least try and get this guy his net-access back.  He did not
_intentionally_ post to your "sacred" group.  Some alt.flame idiot
set the follow ups to here, and he inadvertantly didn't erase this
newsgroup from the "Followup:" line.  BTW alt.bigfoot is not about
whether bigfoot actually lives or not, so settle down.  I just hope
you didn't upset the other members of this elite group, because if
you did, well, I'd rather not think about that.

The person's name in question Was St. Bob.  He was the most not likely
to get in trouble, yet someone found it necessary in their little private
agenda to basically ruin his life through faulty claims.  Be careful
next time.  He was in charge of the entire WWW site describing various
attributes of North Caroliina.  How the hell is he supposed to do that
when he has no internet access, because some of you loser-weenies
went out and net-copped him for no good reason.  If you do have a
good reason, I sure as heck would like to have one of you send it to
me, otherwise, I think his system administrator (and him) deserve
an apology.  What a bunch of jerks!

-- Hooten.

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