What's with the net-cops?

Sean David Moore smoore at mail2.sas.upenn.edu
Thu Sep 15 11:11:05 EST 1994


I saw the big-foot responses grow and grow..i thought the whole thing was 
quite funny.  You are right about people getting their panties in a knot 
over some comedy...but that was the point of the posting.  As all of that 
was going on, you mean to tell me that the net-cops never gave him a 
warning to stop posting?  If he wasn't posting them, did he just 
disregard any warnings, or did he join forces with the NEt-Cops to find 
the real culprit?
I don't really care if some poor net-weenie lost his access, or if he was 
guilty or not.  Someone was placed in charge to have the authority to 
take peoples net-access away..the decision was theirs alone.  If people 
report a greivance, and some Net-Cops finds he was violating a published 
law, then so be it.  Your greivance is with the cops for enforcing the 
laws, and not with the public who created them...too bad.
	I suppose your friend will have to go out and find something 
stimulating to do from now on.

That's my opinion...rid-me-of-my-net-access for stating it.


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