(What's with the net-cops?) <--This is a troll...ignore it.

hooten hooten at ucssun1.sdsu.edu
Thu Sep 15 18:34:14 EST 1994

Rich Young () wrote:

Rich?  This is not a f*cking troll.  MY friend got net-copped by you
bionet people, and I want to know why.  You have no right to just go
whining to system administrators for unintentional cross-posts.  I have
never posted here, ever, until you guys pulled this kind of sh*t.

Do you understand:

HE LOST ALL INTERNET ACCESS (i.e. his job, which dealt strictly with WWW
sites on the internet) because you quick-tempered cheese-heads decided
it was your "duty" to whine and complain, and unindated his system
administrator with false complaints.  Can you get it into your brains
that it was an ACCIDENT?  If it was intentional, you would know, boy
would you know.   And you know, you almost deserve it now, for such
lazy and underhanded tactics.

You didn't even email Bob a complaint.  This is why you are losers.
If there is even an inkling of conscience in your minds, you should
at least email his administrator and admit that you *may* have jumped
to conclusions, and over-reacted.  Of course you could also stick your
head in the sand (as usual), and pretend like it doesn't really matter,
because only effects OTHER PEOPLE, and their lives.  I am not going to waste
more bandwidth with this crud, but it really ticks me off that some of you
would have the audacity and arrogance to do this sort of thing.  Have
a heart, people!

-- Chris Hooten

-- Chris Hooten

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