What's with the net-cops?

Thu Sep 15 22:39:14 EST 1994

PS  You couldn't eliminate my net access if your mothers abortion 
depended on it.


This is all he wrote to me.  I had said that I hoped the next
person to lose net access for such frivilous reasons was him.
I am honest when I say I do not believe St. Bob deserved the
kind of treatment that he received in this forum, merely
for a one or two accidental crossposts.  Have you people no
shame?  Did he honestly swamp your group with drivel-filled
posts, or was it one or two mistakes?  We are talking about
a family man's livelyhood being jeopardized (if not outright taken
away from him) because you jumped straight to system-administrator
complaining, rather than the "proper" method of sending a complaint
to him first.  He would gladly have expressed that he had accidentily
posted to this forum, but you guys didn't even give him a chance, nor
the morons at the state of North Carolina.  Although you may despise
me or him, please examine the current situation, and help poor Bob
if you can.  I honestly CAN'T imagine why he would be so vehemently
complained about.  I will leave silently if I get some sort of
positive response.  I am just a student, so your chances of getting
my access revoked for such obviously well thought out and non-inflammitory
posts are not likely to get me in trouble.  I would just as well leave your
newsgroup alone, and you ours, in peace, but what has happened to St. Bob
is an outrage!  Can't SOMEONE either affirm that what he posted was some
horrible thing that deserved such behaviour, or reassess the situation,
and possibly slip off a quick note to his system administrator.  Please
at least do one or the other.  I find it hard to believe that he would
post something to warrant such abusive complaining.  

Thank you.

-- Chris Hooten

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