What's with the net-cops?

hooten hooten at ucssun1.sdsu.edu
Thu Sep 15 23:27:05 EST 1994

Sean David Moore (smoore at mail2.sas.upenn.edu) wrote:

: Hooter,

: I saw the big-foot responses grow and grow..i thought the whole thing was 
: quite funny.  You are right about people getting their panties in a knot 
: over some comedy...but that was the point of the posting.  As all of that 
: was going on, you mean to tell me that the net-cops never gave him a 
: warning to stop posting?  If he wasn't posting them, did he just 

No warning, no nothing.  If he had received a warning, he would have
stopped, obviously.  I honestly don't know if he posted them or not,
there have been a rash of forged posts in our names (this is not one,
BTW).  It is hard to scoure netnews for any possible false posting from
yourself without spool access.  I really don't think one should have to
do that, anyway, I think it is the responsibility of the disgruntled
reader to at least send a note to the "offending" party.

-- Chris Hooten

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