Whine and Cheese Party

Evan W. Steeg steeg at cs.toronto.edu
Sat Sep 17 11:18:22 EST 1994

In article <35allm$17k at pandora.sdsu.edu>,
hooten <hooten at ucssun1.sdsu.edu> wrote:
>Rich Young () wrote:
>Rich?  This is not a f*cking troll.  MY friend got net-copped by you
>bionet people, and I want to know why.  You have no right to just go
>whining to system administrators for unintentional cross-posts.  I have
>never posted here, ever, until you guys pulled this kind of sh*t.

   "you people", "you bionet people", "you guys",....

    The vast majority of the thousands of bionet readers simply ignored
your nonsense and hoped you'd go away.

>Do you understand:
>HE LOST ALL INTERNET ACCESS (i.e. his job, which dealt strictly with WWW
>sites on the internet) because you quick-tempered cheese-heads decided
>it was your "duty" to whine and complain, and unindated his system
>administrator with false complaints.  Can you get it into your brains
>that it was an ACCIDENT?  If it was intentional, you would know, boy
>would you know.   And you know, you almost deserve it now, for such
>lazy and underhanded tactics.

  So now you're fantasizing about spamming the entire bionet because,
what -- 5 people?  10 people? -- wrote email to a sysadmin (which, by
the way, is certainly within their "rights").

  Grow up, keep your own and your friend's semi-literate adolescent
garbage off of the grownups' newsgroups, and bad net.things will likely
cease happening to you.

  By the way, I was certainly not one of the net-cops.  I've grown more
tired and passive, I guess, in the face of the virtually constant onslaught
of spoiled children, clueless newbies, predatory trolls, political and
religious wackos, and slimy lawyers and MAKE.MONEY.FAST.greedheads ruining
the net.  Your drooling friend was just another in the series.   Some people,
less patient or resigned than myself, reacted, predictably.  The sysadmin 
over-reacted, in my opinion.  Deal with it.

  -- Evan

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