Biotechnology Funding

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Sat Sep 17 13:09:05 EST 1994

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I work for an investment company that raises capital for development stage
biotech, and life sciences companies.  We have raised about $250 million
to date which considering the hostile capital environment we are in, it is
pretty impressive.  If any one has an interest , I will be happy to e-mail
you a list of the companies we have brought public.  There are certainly
of the bright FUTURE Stars and BlacK Holes here.  This is not meant to be
solictment for investment or source of capital.  I would just like to see
of a forum of who is hot, who might turn into an Amgen, that kind of

After all Stock Options given to you for pennies are a lot better than the
ones I have been buying. on the OEX  Maybe we can do something.  We
have a ton of connections and product.  Let's make a deal
You can reach me by E-Mail or at D. Blech & Company  800-360-3226.or
preferably I can  start a forum of hate mail or propserous  capitalism.

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