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In view of the fact that India has the largest number of
cattle in the world (approx 197 million--15% of world total
of 1279 million-991 figures), a proposal by a dutch company
to export cattle and pig dung to India and sell it as a
environment friendly manure looks silly.

Perhaps the new economic policy and the situation in
Holland sufficient incentives to do anything to make an
easy profit-though it may be silly.

It is well known that not only the Netherlands but also
many other countries overproduce milk and milk products, to
the extent that the governments have had to dump milk into
the sea. As a consequence there is also large production of
dung which poses a disposal/pollution hazard. Perhaps the
dutch company and farmers want to export this problem. To
make this idea full of shit sound a bit more marketable,
the dung is then called envirodung! This is when they
probably know that the dung has a lot of toxic chemicals in
it, carried over from the feed concentrate and other anti-
biotics injected into the cattle to keep them 'healthy'.

We have the following information about the project:

The project is promoted by Mr. Hans Prins, Managing

            Seaswan B.N.
            Koninginneweg 10a
            2243 HB Wassenaar
            The Netherlands
            Tel: 31-1751-78294
            Fax: 31-1751-40167

It is proposed that bio-gas first be extracted in
Netherlands and then the dung be transported.

We would like some information related to this project so
that we can organise an opposition. We would also like some
information about the dung and related problems in the
Netherlands. If you can, please send a reply to:

Juna Mozda
Dediapada 393 040
Bharuch, Gujarat, INDIA.

Questions about this project:

    1. Is the project in collaboration with some Indian
       company? Which one?

    2. Are there dutch laws against exporting such a 'product'.

    3. To classify dung as a toxic substance in the
       Netherlands, what information and procedure are required?

    4. Is disposal of dung a problem in Holland and the EC?

    5. Is it possible to get an estimate of the profit
       margin in the dung project?

Questions about the dung:

    1. What is the annual production of dung in Holland?

    2. How is the dung currently disposed off in Holland?

    3. Does a company have to pay for getting dung in
       Holland? If so, how much?

    4. Is it possible to estimate the cost of transport of
       dung from Holland to the Indian shore?

    5. Are details about toxic/harmful chemicals in
       excreta of cows, pigs and chicken available?

    6. Is the dung planned to be exported in liquid form?

    7. If the dung is spread on land to dry what can be
       the effect on the land it is spread on?

Questions about the company:

    1. Is it possible get a basic profile of the company?

    2. How is the capital to be acquired?

    3. What is ownership structure of the company?

    4. What other activities is the company involved in?

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